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Smart Clip for PS4 Wireless Controller

--The Smart Clip for PS4 conveniently holds your smart phone onto your
controller allowing for an integrated, hands-free second screen experience.
--The Smart Clip is designed with an with a fully adjustable and expandable
clip and will easily hold any generation Phone device up to 6 inches tall
 at any desired angle.

--The Smart Clip is ideal for utilizing the PS App on your phone while playing

 compatible games, or looking at walkthroughs, codes, tips and more. Or,

utilize your phones camera and vlog, record and broadcast ¡°let¡¯s play¡± videos.

-- The clip attaches the DualShock 4 Controller utilizing
a nonintrusive strap system, keeping the ergonomics of the controller intact.
--The Smart Clip is the best way to enjoy the added benefits of the screen
experience on PS4.


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