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Battery pack and charging dock for XSX &Xbox one


1. Compatible with Xbox One/ Xbox One S / Xbox One X/ Xbox One Elite /Xbox Series X|Xbox Series S 6 controllers
2. Charging protection: over voltage, over current, short circuit
3. Charging indicator: 4 bars of power display, each bar is about 25% of the power; the first green light is flashing while charging, if the green light is not flashing, it is about 25% of the power, and then the second bar will continue to flash green, but the green light does not flash When the battery is full about 50%, the third grid will flash green, if the green light does not flash, about 75% of the battery is fully charged, and the fourth grid will flash green, and the green light will flash about 100% of the full battery.
4. The charging time is about 4 hours, and the use time is 20-25 hours
5. A cover is added to the base, which can be covered when charging to prevent children from touching
6.Package list: 2*2600mAh Battery
1*Controller Chagrer
1*Mircro USB Cable

í´ Rechargeable Xbox One Batteries: The NI-MH 2200mAh battery provide up to 15hours playing time                                                                           

í´Dual-Channel Charger: The Xbox one power accessories support 2-battery charging simultaneously about 5hours

QTY: 60 PCS                                                                                                                     

N.W.: 14.5 KGS                                                                                                                     

G.W.: 15.5 KGS                                                                                                                        

MEAS: 36*27*28CM


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