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batteries for xbox one & XSX controllers


1.The product has a self-check function, the green light of the product flashes three times after power is supplied to complete the self-check process.
2.The battery can be charged in either direction, both sides can be charged, and can be put in and taken out with one hand.
3.LED lights indicate: Red light: charging; Green light: fully charged state; Standby: no light, can clearly understand the charging status.

¡¾4Pack 800mAh Batteries For Xbox¡¿

4 X 800mAh long-lasting rechargeable batteries, charge for 3-3.5hours, and can be used for 10-12hours, which can meet the long-term needs of customers for daily use.

¡ï4pcs 800MAh batteries last for 8 hours

¡ïSmall and elegant design,easy to take with  

¡ïLed light indicates the charging status



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