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2.5A Micro USB Cable Fast Charging Micro USB Cable

This micro USB cable is specifically made to be used with an Xbox One and PS4 controller. They are two-in-one charge and data sync cables allowing you to not only charge your controller, but also to apply necessary updates. In addition, these cables allow you to ditch that often unreliable wireless controller technology on Xbox One. These cables will let you ditch the lag of wireless, and go wired. Sometimes, the old-school way is best for getting the most out of your gameplay, and achieving those quick reaction times required in modern videogames. Using this cable can allow PS4 and Xbox One controllers to recharge their battery packs and on the Xbox One, can be used without a battery pack for 'WIRED' game-play! This is a fantastic advantage to be able to have whilst playing fast paced online game play. Unknown to many, input lag is an issue, playing 'wired' instead of 'wireless' can cut input lag in half, giving you an advantage over those who aren't wired! These cables contain high quality twisted copper wiring, shielding rubber insulation and have a 'ferrite bead' which absorbs high frequency interference, to make for optimal data transfer! If you did require them to, they can also be used on mobile phones which use a Micro USB port.

Compatible with

PS4 Dualshock4 Wireless Controller Xbox One Wireless Controller SONY PSV2005 Micro USB Android Smartphone

Package Contents

1 x 300cm Micro USB Charger Data Cable

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