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PS4 wired controller


1) Thank you for choosing our product. For bringing you with pleasant gaming experience, please read this user guide and all safety instructions carefully to ensure safe and proper use.

2) The instructions in this user guide are based on the default settings of the device.

3) All pictures, statements and text information in this guide are for references only, actual product prevails. Updates are subject to change without prior notice, these updates will be edited in a new version guide.

4) Available functions and additional services may vary due to different devices, software or service providers.

5) Official software update or source code change or other irresistible factors may cause some games can¡¯t be operated with this product, our company won¡¯t take any responsibility on it and we reserve the right of final interpretation.

1. Productbrief introduction

1) This joystick is compatible with PS4 console and PC.

2) Siamese cable connection ensures stable signal transmission. USB cable length is 2.2m.

3) Two asymmetrical motors are built in left and right providing double-shock function.

4) Built-in with colorful LEDs indicating joystick channels, LED color alternates when the joystick is connected to a PS4 console.

5) This joystick can be upgraded through updated software by connecting with PC.

6) This joystick doesn¡¯t include touch function, Gyro axis function, earphone and speaker input function.

2. Button function brief description

1) HOME button: Short press to display main interface and switch applications; long press to end application, log off/power off console and display operable items.

2) Four functional buttons control character¡¯s actions in games.

3) D-Pad: Up, down, left and right, direction options.

4) Left and Right sticks: Control character¡¯s movement and entire screen direction.

Note: Button function may vary from game to game due to different games, actual operation prevails.

3.Connecting instruction

1) Connecting with PS4 console

A. Power on a PS4 console, insert the USB plug of a joystick into the USB port of the console, then press on the HOME button of the joystick, the LEDs blink quickly, when a single LED keeps solid bright, it means the connection is done, thus the joystick is ready to be used.

B. Joystick colorful LED indication explain: Display player status. Press on the HOME button, the LED light bar is lighted at a sequence of blue, red, green and pink, each joystick is configured as player login order identification.

C. Up to two wired joysticks can be connected to a PS4 console simultaneously, different color LED indicates different player.

2) Connecting with PC

Insert the USB plug of the joystick into the USB port of a PC, need install a PS4 driver then the joystick can be used. This joystick can be used as a wired game controller for PC. Vibration function isn¡¯t supported when it¡¯s connected to a PC.

4. Parameter reference


reference value

Input voltage


Working current


Vibrating current




Net weight

0.225 kg

5. Packing list

A wired joystick for PS4 and a user guide.

6. Precautions

1) Please don¡¯t store this product in damp or high temperature place;

2) Do not knock, beat, pierce, or try to disintegrate this product so as not to damage it unnecessarily.

3) If unauthorized and non-professional personnel dissembled this product and caused damage, this product is not within the scope of after-sales warranty.

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