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Pro controller for Nintendo Switch

For Switch Pro Bluetooth Wireless Controller For NS Splatoon2 Remote Gamepad For Nintend Switch Console Joystick


Product description is a third-party product, not manufactured by Nintendo, but its quality will meet your requirments.


2.if you are look for a switch Nintendo classic controller, this will be your best choice.


3.includes 4 LED indicators to indicate the connect inport (player number) and the battery low power status.


4.Sleep function, automatic POWER OFF.


5.600mAh rechargeable battery pack,it is charged using the Type-c plug in the controller.


6.battery using time: about 22 hours


7. charger time : about 2 hours


Steps for pairing the controller with the console


1. First, go to the "System setting" in the homepage under the game selection.


2. Find the opition "Controllers and Sensors"


3. In the option "Controllers and Sensors" go to " disconnect controllers" you will see the symbol กม . Press and hold กม button to disconnect all the sensors, but don't worry, the sensors you connected right now will not be paired.


4. Back to the home page, find the setting "Controllers", in the "Controllers" option go to "Change Grip/Order" option. you will see the screen like.


5. Then we can start to connect the Pro Controller.


6. Press and hold the " SYNC Button" ,marked in red circle for at least 4 cec.


7. Press the home button several times, you should be able to connect the Pro controller to the host. like.


8 If you still have problem of connecting the controller, please contact us.


No amiibo functionality, If you care, please do not buy

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