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Batteries charger for xbox one & XSX controllers
1. Package list:1500mAh battery*4, charging cable*1, charging base*1; (1) 4 charging card slots, can charge 4 batteries at the same time, charging 1 battery takes the same time as charging 4 batteries Yes, to ensure the continuity of the game time, and there will be no situation where the battery is dead and unable to play the game; (2) 0.8 meters long type-c cable, charging current requirements: 5 V 1.5A or more
2. The charging time is 3-4h, and it can be used for 12-15h, which can meet the needs of customers' daily use time; it can be charged about 2000 times, saying goodbye to non-rechargeable batteries, reducing the number of battery replacements and saving money
3. Compatible with Xbox One/S/X/Elite/Xbox Series S/X controllers, targeting a wider customer base and meeting the needs of more customers
4. Overcharge, overcurrent, overheating, short circuit protection, 4 layers of protection can maximize the safety of use, and charging at night is safer and more assured
5. The indicator light indicates that the red light is charging, the blue light indicates that the charging is completed, and the standby light does not light up, which can clearly understand the charging status
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