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Glowing wired controller for Xbox360
HHC---X009 Product Instruction
 Contents: This item is designed to work with the Microsoft XBOX360 video game system (Can be applied for Windows system after installing XBOX360 controller driver on PC).It features TURBO button function and LED light decoration function.
Connect the controller to the XBOX360 console via a USB port,then play and enjoy your games.
Button TURBO setting: Can set TURBO button function via press the TURBO button and needed setting button at the same time;can clear the TURBO button function via press CLEAR button and setted TURBO button together.
Changing modes:
(1) This items feature two mode of lighting effects: ¡°on¡± and ¡°off¡±
.It must be connected to Xbox360 console to function. The light button on the product is located on the backside of the controller.
 The item¡¯s default setting is ¡°on¡±.
 (2) Press the light button to cycle through two modes: ¡°on¡± and ¡°off¡±.
Cycle through the two settings as often as you like and enjoy it in your favourate mode.
Compatible Platform XBOX 360
Type Joystick
Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)

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